Jacqueline is a passionate self-taught artist who has worked professionally as a photographer and digital artist for over 7 years. Her work has been published across numerous media outlets including online, in magazines, on best-selling novel covers and poetry books, in print, on posters, and in numerous articles and front cover spreads across Australian media including ‘The Herald Sun’, ‘Beat Magazine’, and a handful of local community magazines/newspapers. With a portfolio taking out a top position online (featuring no.8 out of 183,000+ creatives via crevado.com), her work has not only grabbed the attention from the likes of Sony and renowned music magazine NME but has also attracted a large following and audience online scoring numerous significant features and recognition across popular social media outlets and art related communities - including frequent youpic.com 'inspiration' features, instagram features, and a handful of deviantart.com 'daily deviation' front-page features. In addition, she has recently been awarded and honored by deviantart (the world’s largest art community) as a ‘senior’. Out of 35 million+ users, the elusive 'seniority' award is appointed by a committee comprised by deviantart staff to a mere handful of artists for "artistic endeavours, for having a positive influence on the community, and for being a voice that stands out above the many who deviant to be recognised in the crowd".

Jacqueline currently works in Melbourne as a freelance digital and analogue photographer focusing on emotive portraits, promotional content, lifestyle fashion, landscape, and real estate - whilst working remotely as a retoucher for a variety of leading and growing photography studios across Australia in high-end real estate, product ecommerce, fashion, and studio portrait photography.


e: jacquelinebarkla@outlook.com

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