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Jacqueline has worked professionally as a photographer and digital artist for over 7 years. Her work has been published across numerous media outlets including online, in magazines (‘Digital Photography Australia’ & ‘Digital Photography UK’), on best-selling novel covers and poetry books, in print, on posters, and in numerous articles and front cover spreads across Australian media including ‘The Herald Sun’, ‘Beat Magazine’, and a handful of local community magazines/newspapers. With a portfolio taking out a top position online (featuring no.8 out of 183,000+ creatives via crevado.com), her work has not only grabbed the attention from the likes of Sony and renowned music magazine NME but has also attracted a large following and audience online scoring numerous significant features across popular social media pages and art related websites - including frequent youpic.com 'inspiration' features, instagram features, and a handful of deviantart.com 'daily deviation' front-page features. In addition, she has recently been awarded and honored by deviantart (the world’s largest art community) as a ‘senior’. Out of 35 million+ users, the elusive 'seniority' award is appointed by a committee comprised by deviantart staff to a mere handful of artists for "artistic endeavours, for having a positive influence on the community, and for being a voice that stands out above the many who deviant to be recognised in the crowd".

Aside from photography Jacqueline shares a strong passion for digital art and dedicates herself to learning digital painting skills in her spare time. Her first ongoing digital painting project 'pop! vinyl concepts' gained instantaneous popularity online receiving overwhelming positive recognition from Funko, fans, celebrities, and collectors alike. Jacqueline created and moderates the deviantart_seniors art instagram - which has clocked over 26k followers to date.

In addition to her continuous push to make her mark and achieve new heights in the photography field, Jacqueline also endeavours to explore new creative avenues with Imaginaut Studios such as cinemagraphs, conceptual art, and designer toys.


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