I am super chuffed to announce I have recently been honoured by the staff over at (world’s largest art community) with the 'seniority' title! So neat.

Out of 35 million+ users, this elusive title is awarded to a mere handful of artists within the community by a 'selection committee' comprised of deviantart staff members.

'Awarded for artistic endeavours, for having a positive influence on the community, and for being a voice that stands out above the many who deviant to be recognised in the crowd.'

I am truly humbled by this recognition.


SA Interview by cinyu

Q: What is it like to be a part of the senior hut? How do you feel about receiving the medal? How did you receive the news?

Being a part of the senior community is a great honour. I am beyond humbled to of gained this recognition. Deviantart has been my 'rock' for years and to be recognised by the staff and community is very special to me and will probably never truly sink in. I never once entertained the idea of becoming a senior so to of received the title with such positive recognition out of the blue is very inspiring. I am of course, very appreciative and grateful to of been noticed within the sea of artists - the grin on my face is starting to hurt.

I logged on and saw the shiny seniority badge pinned on my name - I became instantly suspicious, a mistake? but after reading through the congratulatory messages to my delight low and behold no mistakes made!

Q: You have an incredible collection of photos in your gallery! What made you interested in Photography?

Deviantart exposed me to the photography and art world way back when and the interest just snow-balled - out of fascination, and continues to do so as I develop as an artist. I honestly just recall stumbling upon DA one day and spending hours on end browsing through the site discovering the art and photography realm in which I had been utterly oblivious to previously and I just thinking 'wait..this is a thing? you can do this? create stuff like this with cameras, photoshop, lenses, tablets?' and a passion to create ignited within me that has shaped my life and who I am today that will never die. It's like a drug. A passion to create.

Photography is simply a fascination I enjoy exploring on my own terms. To me, there is nothing more alluring than boundless creative possibilities and a doorway to another world - this is what photography offers me.
To capture, collect, and share these moments is my joy.
My interest and my drive to progress and grow as a photographer will never cease.

Q: What tools are you using to take such beautiful photos?

I use Nikon DSLR camera bodies and and a couple of Nikon lenses. For post-processing I use Adobe Photoshop on a Mac. To me though, taking that great shot is only half the picture - if that. I believe post-processing is the key to producing wonderful photography and the digital editing side to photography has always been my main focus and interest as it allows you to be creative, explore, and manipulate your image in a way that represents your unique vision of aesthetics and can act as an incredible outlet for self-expression and exploration.

Thank you very much for the interview! Do you have anything you wish to share with us? Any Last words?

Thank you for your time!
莫 忘初衷 - A Chinese phrase which means to never forget your motivation, the motivation that inspired you to embark in the first place.